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This Site is operated by Island12 Design Studio, 32 Plastira Str., 164 52 Argiroupoly, Greece (hereinafter called the “Company”), an entity lawfully established according to the Greek laws in effect.

Content – Reproduction:
All content, information and services provided by this Website are protected by copyright and owned by the Company. You may download or copy the content and visual items/information displayed on the Website strictly for personal use, provided that you lawfully comply with all copyright and other notices contained therein. Copying or storing of any content for any other than personal use is expressly prohibited without prior written permission from the Company.

All data found in this Website has been uploaded in good faith and for promotion and informational purposes only. This Website contains information, links to other sites and texts submitted and approved by the Company for which the Company holds no warranty or any representation whatsoever as for its accuracy, reliability or completeness. The Company may provide links to other sites online at users’ convenience. However, the Company does not endorse or guarantee the availability, the accuracy, trustworthiness, reliability, or completeness of the content of those sites. Reference to third parties’ product or service in this Website is not an offer to sell and/or buy/supply products or services. It is upon the visitor’s sole discretionary option to believe, adopt or rely upon any information included herein, or deal or make business with any of the companies mentioned, or referred to herein, or purchase any goods or services described herein.

Privacy – Data processing:
The Company does not collect personally identifiable information from this Website. The user’s web browser provides such information to the Company’s web server, such as the site from which the user has linked, the identity of the user’ Internet Service Provider, or the type of browser the user uses, as well as the information the user provides to the Company, whether the latter is being done via an email message, newsletter subscription or otherwise. The Company may use personally identifiable information only for that specific purpose for which the user has submitted it, such as sending out electronic newsletters etc. Moreover, the Company may use some information that is gathered from this Website in an aggregated form just for statistics purposes (not personally identifiable).

Website security:
The Company has taken all necessary precautions and measures for the secure browsing and operation of this Website. However, due to technical deficiencies that may stretch beyond the Company’s technical control, the Company holds no responsibility or liability for any inconvenience experienced by the temporary or permanent malfunction of this website. The Company would not be held liable for any loss caused to visitors hereof simply because of troublesome accessing os this website.

Cookies Policy:
Cookies are text files that contain a small volume of information. They are downloaded to user’s device when the user visits a website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. Cookies may be useful as they allow a website to recognize a user’s device.

The Company uses “cookies” solely and particularly for:

Marketing purposes (Measuring the effectiveness of promotions on this Website, Usage of this Website by the visitors this), Conducting Research for Statistical Purposes, Content & Services Optimization and to assess the effectiveness of the Website.

In case the user does not agree with the use of Cookies, one may disable them from their browser’s options.

However, some of the services will not function so effectively with the cookies disabled.

The Company holds the right to display/describe in public your company’s profile, products, services, projects and other relevant media, as part of the Island12 Design Studio and/or other marketing material, relating to the Island12 Design Studio Website, except where you have explicitly requested that the Company is not permitted to do so and a common agreement has been established for such a request.

Amendment of the Terms:
The Company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior special notification made to the visitors of this Website. However, once such an amendment is posted on this Website, it binds all visitors/colaborators and members of this Website to its updated Terms & Conditions.


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