A site that makes you feel as welcome in its pages as in the rooms of the guesthouse it was made for



Our family guesthouse was recently renovated. It is addressed to Greek and foreign families and we need a new site that presents our hospitable and family profile, our services, as well as the nearby beaches and interesting places that are worth visiting. We also want the rooms and amenities to be clearly presented, along with an easy-to-use booking system.



Having already designed the new corporate identity of Triantafilia Guesthouse, we proceeded to the design of the new website based on the same design philosophy.

By utilizing the simple lines, we used to design the new logo of Triantafilia Guesthouse, we created representative custom illustrations for each of the sections of the site, depending on its content. Their overall aesthetics contribute to the family friendly tone of voice adopted by the guesthouse, while making navigation more enjoyable.

A custom icon system is used together with short in order to depict important information such as nearby shopping places, local transportation etc. 

For the places worth visiting in the wider area, we created an interactive map. By moving the cursor over each reference point on the map, pop-up windows appear instantly, contain photos and useful information / descriptions for the user.

The facilities of each room are presented in the form of a column, which contains photos that can be enlarged and a list of all the amenities, so that the visitor gets a complete picture in just a few seconds. 

The prices and the “AVAILABILITY CHECK ” & “BOOK NOW” options are placed at the end of each room column for quick and instant access. Moreover, the “BOOK NOW” option is accessible at any time from the sticky top menu.




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