A creative ritual 



The way we collect the herbs and spices for our blend, as well as the particular brewing method it requires to unleash its full potential, is a kind of ritual for us. This tea blend has soothing properties – you drink it and it relaxes you in a “magical” way. Hence, the name “The Shaman Tea”. The competition in such products is fierce, so we are after a packaging design that will stand out on the shelf and communicate effectively our product’s nature.



Drawing inspiration from the actual name of the tea, we created a wordmark and a main visual featuring bold tribal elements. 

The packaging revolves around the stylized image of a shamanic mask which essentially depicts the product’s name and nature in an eye-catching way.

The entire mask is displayed on the top lid of the tin box, accompanied by a wordmark that matches the general tribal aesthetics of the packaging and is then repeated and wrapped around the sides of the tin in an arresting and oversized proportion. This change in scale really highlights the smaller details in the illustration.

The mask uses a three-color palette of black, white and red, which seamlessly blend together and transform into a bold execution. The vivid colors on the mask represent the blend’s intense flavor and aromas, while the background color is reminiscent of the one that emerges when mixing the tea blend with milk which is the suggested brewing method.

The shaman’s mask dominates the packaging making it stand out, while captivating the eye and inviting everyone to take advantage of The Shaman’s Tea “magical” properties.

Along with the design of the packaging we also created custom mugs, having the horns of the mask as the main source of inspiration. The horns contribute ideally not only to the unique aesthetics of the Shaman Mug but also its usability, since they serve as handles.




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