Corks with attitude 



We created three Wine Jellies from three exceptional wine varieties. Each of the jellies stands out for its specific taste characteristics, which form a unique product personality. The jellies appeal not only to an audience that loves wine and the products derived from it, but also to those looking for an original dip for various snacks in, as well as an innovative product that will enhance the flavour of almost any recipe.


In order to visually convey the unique personality of each Wine Jelly as a product in an original way and at the same time communicate the wine as the main ingredient, we relied on the cork as a key visual concept. 

On an artistic level, we illustrated three distinct human-like corks in such a way that their facial expressions represent the unique taste profile of each jelly. The Rosé Wine Jelly has a more complex and sophisticated taste, as evidenced by the cork’s facial expression. The White Wine Jelly is distinguished by a more refined and gentle taste, which testifies to the cork’s haughty look, while the Mulled Wine Jelly comes with a more intense and penetrating taste, hence the cork’s antagonistic and aggressive attitude. 

We also added a roguish and humorous touch that directly links the products to the wine, depicting a corkscrew piercing each cork. 




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