Corks with an attitude 



We have created three exquisite wine jellies, from three excellent wine varieties, which have their own characteristics that are inherited in each product, shaping its special, delicious personality. These products are aimed mainly at a more niche audience that loves wine, although we would like many more to try them, as they have a wonderful taste and are ideal for both dips and cooking.



In order to visually portray the distinctive personality of each Wine Jelly, we relied on the cork as a key-visual concept to create characters that express its particular characteristics. On an artistic level, we designed the characters in such a way that they are strongly expressive and, at the same time, acceptable to both the main and a wider target audience.

Rose Wine Jelly has a more refined, mild and sophisticated personality, in terms of taste, as evidenced by its facial expression. White Wine Jelly is more “blasé” and heavy at the same time, as is clear from its look, while Mulled Wine Jelly is more intense and “aggressive” taste-wise and sees the other two very competitively. 

Although these three corks boost completely different personalities, they are also connected by some commonalities: the corkscrew that penetrated them when the bottle that each of them sealed was opened to create the corresponding Wine Jelly, as well as the stoicism with which they deal with the issue…




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