Sauces with playful personalities



We created two sauces and a jelly that can be used in a multitude of recipes and can be the basis for creating new and more imaginative ones. The only limit is your imagination. They can also accompany a variety of dips, adding a unique flavour to any friendly gathering or party. They appeal to creative cooking aficionados and those who appreciate distinctive flavours.



Creative cooking always leaves the kitchen messy. Such images of intense culinary action with sauces thrown everywhere came to mind when we were designing the labels for Sparoza’s new products. We combined these images with the playful and creative nature of the products to create characters that come to life through illustrations that stand out for their boldness.

To enhance the narrative and fun aspect of both the products themselves and their use in cooking, we also captured strong emotional expressions on the characters’ faces. As the two sauces and jelly fall from the jar into a cooking vessel, the desperation and anxiety on their faces is evident, knowing that they will soon be part of a delicious dish.

On a typographic level, we created a custom font for the product names that blends perfectly with their main visuals, while a second simpler and more legible font clearly communicates all the necessary product information.




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