Herbs and spices blends with unique personalities



Our herb and spice blends are addressed to a wide audience. Young adults, middle aged and older people and generally all those who find joy in creating special flavors in the kitchen, will be thrilled by the delicious result that our products give to each recipe. Our blends contain carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality and are proudly made in Greece.



Each of the Sparoza blends has its own taste profile and special product character. Wanting to personify these features, we gave each product a face.

We illustrated the cheerful face of girl featuring Mediterranean characteristics for the “Mediterranean Blend” series, which consists mainly of Mediterranean ingredients and is ideal for Mediterranean recipes, a Seawolf’s rough face for the two products of the Fleur de sel series, as well as a Waiter’s snobby face for the Mulled wine blend. By doing so, we gave each product its own, distinct personality, which is based on its unique “DNA”.

Wanting to further enhance the narrative, we decided to place a disc on each character’s head and cut out a triangular window, so that the mixture would be visible in the form of the typical triangular piles often seen in the suburban markets.  In the case of Mulled wine, the ingredients of which are in sachets, we present the final product on the tray that the waiter carries on his head.

To highlight the Greek origin, we photographed a wall painted with lime, a popular and traditional technique found in many parts of Greece and used the photo as a background for the entire packaging. In addition, we chose a paper that simulates the texture of such a wall.

Different colors and visual info are used to distinguish the products of each series.




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