Herbs and spices blends with unique personalities



Our spice and herb blends are addressed to a fairly wide audience. Children, young adults, older people and generally all those who find joy in creating special flavors in the kitchen, will be thrilled by the delicious result that our products give to each recipe. Our products consist of carefully selected raw materials, are of high quality and made in Greece. The packaging design should emphasize on the personality of each product and excite everyone!



Based on the ingredients that make up each herbs and spices blend, we have created a series of facial illustrations that are directly related to each of them:

A girl with Mediterranean characteristics for the series of mixtures consisting mainly of Mediterranean raw materials, a captain for the Fleur de sel, as well as a waiter for the Mulled wine mixture.

In this way we gave each product its own, distinct personality, which is based on its unique “DNA”.

Wanting to emphasize the raw materials, we decided to place a disk on the head of each person. Above it there is a triangular window, through which the mixtures can be seen, in the characteristic way that one often sees them in many open-air markets. In the case of wine (sachets), we show the final product resulting from the mixture.

The style we chose for the facial illustrations is simple and cheerful to perfectly match the nature of the products. To highlight the Greek element, we photographed a wall painted with lime, a popular and traditional technique found in many parts of Greece and used the photo as a background for the entire packaging. In addition, we chose a paper that simulates the texture of such a wall.

As a result of the final packaging, each face looks as if it has been painted on such a wall.

Different colors and visual details are used to distinguish category products.




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