Creating a sexy brand from scratch




We are an open-minded sex shop. Our new branding needs to be brave and modern, fresh and timeless.



The name “Sexopolis” with its storytelling attributes ignited the creative spark for us to design a brand identity that speaks openly and unabashedly about the nature of the brand. Sexopolis is the capital of sex and sex toys. Residents of this erotic metropolis enjoy total freedom of sexual choice and live “orgasmically” at all times.

In the brand’s newly designed visual communication materials, pervasive references and allusions to sex and sex toys are evident, accompanied by a kinky and spicy tone of voice.

In this context, the logo depicts the city’s skyline with a series of buildings and skyscrapers, the architecture of which is influenced by the characteristic shapes of various vibrators and other sex toys.

The same logic applies to all visual communication and promotional materials, with the main visual elements relying on simple lines and curves to convey various sexual connotations in a provocatively playful manner.




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