A mosaic of traditional values, images, flavors and aromas 




We created a traditional Greek Coffee with an authentic, rich taste and intense aromas. Our goal is to give anyone the feeling of a traditional “Kafene” (GR for Traditional Greek Cafe) with every single sip of our “Paradosiakos Kafenes” coffee.



Doing an extensive research on Greek Coffee and traditional Greek coffee shops from the very first time they appeared in Greece up until today, we discovered some very interesting cultural and historical info. Of particular interest at an artistic level, is the decoration of such shops.

One of the most dominant and most recognizable decorating styles is that of the mosaic, which has always been of particular aesthetical interest.

We used this so characteristic and elaborate folk style in the main visual of the packaging to depict a classic Greek Coffee served in the traditional cup, aiming at a direct connection of the product to its name and the values ​​it embodies.

In terms of logo and typography we opted for a simpler and more modern approach. The logo, in which we have incorporated the characteristic shape of the traditional kettle with which the Greek coffee is brewed, is plain and clear and works in support of the main visual, leaving the necessary room for it to stand out.

At first glance, the mosaic speaks for itself about the product and takes the viewer into the ambience of a traditional cafe, creating fond images of enjoyment as well as intimate feelings.


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