A mosaic of traditional values, images, flavors and aromas 




We created a traditional Greek coffee with an authentic, rich taste and intense aromas and we named it “Paradosiakos Kafenes” (a traditional Greek Coffee Shop and leisure area where coffee, soft drinks, beverages, appetizers or desserts are served and where one can play cards and backgammon). Our goal is to give anyone the feeling of a traditional “Kafene” with every sip of our coffee. 



In doing extensive research on Greek coffee and traditional Greek coffee shops from the first time they appeared in Greece until today, we discovered some very interesting cultural and historical information. Of particular interest on an artistic level is the decoration of these shops.

One of the most prominent and recognizable styles of decoration is that of the mosaic, which has always been of particular aesthetic interest.

We used this so distinctive and elaborate folk style in the main visual of the packaging to depict a classic Greek coffee served in a traditional cup, aiming at a direct and organic link between the product’s name and the values it embodies.

As for the logo, we chose a combination mark that incorporates the characteristic shape of the traditional coffee pot -with which Greek coffee is brewed- in the main name, combined with easy-to-read typography. The result works in favour of the main visual by clearly defining it while giving it the necessary space to stand out.

From the very first glance, the mosaic speaks for itself about the product and transports the viewer to the atmosphere of a traditional Greek café, creating vivid images of enjoyment and intimate feelings.


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