The geometry of male beauty and grooming



We offer a range of high-quality male grooming products, with natural ingredients, for the face, beard and body. They are aimed at the modern and busy man, who lives a hectic daily life, but does not fail to exercise and take care of himself overall.



Starting from the name of the products and in order to reinforce their masculine character, we chose an easy-to-digest name that incorporates the corresponding values. 

The minimalistic logo is a natural extension of the name and is characterized by a double symbolism/meaning: the letter “L” is also an arrow pointing upwards, symbolizing both the rejuvenation and well-being that the products offer to the body and psyche of men, as well as the dynamic way in which modern man cope with the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

In designing the key visual of each product, we relied on a visual concept that exploits geometry, aiming to emphasize both the angular anatomy of the male body and the use for which the product is intended. Thus, the parts of the body to which each product is applied are marked with coloured polygons, facilitating the easy selection of the appropriate product for the corresponding use. Geometric elements are also present in the font defining the type of product while establishing an organic connection with the main visual.

For the colour palette, we opted for the timeless prestige and subtle charm of Midnight Blue as an ideal substrate for highlighting the main geometric visuals, while for the polygonal shapes a combination of grey shades that clearly define the application points of the products.




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