Visualizing a natural process




In Crete, we produce a premium organic, extra virgin and high phenolic olive oil exclusively from the ancient Cretan variety Tsounati with the cold extraction method. The olives are harvested in the traditional way, in an olive grove surrounded by nature. The climate is ideal for fruiting and the soil is rich. The cultivation methods are much stricter than those of organic farming and practically impossible to apply to large-scale olive oil production. We use mainly sheep and horses to fertilize the olive grove and the olives are selected one by one by hand. Only the batches with the best organoleptic characteristics are bottled and the olive oil is filtered and stored in a protective atmosphere using noble argon gas, thus preserving its organoleptic characteristics and nutrients for a longer period.



The production of such a quality olive oil requires the synergy of many different factors: the location, the microclimate, the care of the olive trees, the fertilization of the soil with manure from the animals that roam freely in the olive grove and, of course, the producers’ commitment to unaltered quality and dedication to the cold extraction method, all work together to produce such an excellent result. 


The microclimate of this area plays a decisive role in the whole process. It is as temperate as necessary to give the olive oil its wonderful taste and outstanding qualities. Hence, we named the olive oil “Efkrato – Temperate”, which comes from an ancient Greek word consisting of “eu”, a prefix denoting something with good qualities, and “Keránnymi”, meaning “to blend”, “to combine”. 


When designing the label, we wanted to communicate how all these factors mentioned above work in unison to produce Efkrato. For this reason, we placed the olive fruit at a key point in the visual composition, depicting around it and in minimalist-abstract graphics all the factors that seamlessly work together to make the olive tree bear fruit. Season by season, the fruit ripens and produces the precious olive oil symbolized by an oversized droplet that emerges from the olive fruit. The color we chose for the illustration simulates that of olive oil during the cold extraction process giving the product an overall organic look & feel.




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