Visualizing a natural process




In Crete, we produce an organic extra virgin olive oil, from the ancient olive variety “Tsounati”, by the cold pressing method. The olives are harvested in the traditional way, in an olive grove surrounded by nature. The climate is ideal for fruiting and the soil is rich. Our olive oil is beneficial to health thanks to its high content of polyphenols.



The production of such a high quality olive oil requires a combination of many factors. The location, the climate, the soil, the care of the olive trees, the fertilization of the soil by the manure of the animals that move freely in the olive grove and, of course, the longing of the producers and the production method based on cold pressing.

The microclimate of this area plays a very important role in the whole process. It is a microclimate as temperate as needed to give olive oil its wonderful taste and unique quality characteristics. For this reason, we named it “Temperate” (GR for temperate climate).

In the design of the label, we wanted to show how all of the above factors interact with each other to produce this great result. Thus, we placed the olive fruit in the center of the visual composition, while a natural process takes place around it, through which the precious olive oil is produced drop by drop. The whole process is illustrated with various minimal shapes that represent the elements that compose the microclimate, such as the sun, clouds, raindrops, soil and is enriched with some additional shapes that relate to the olive tree itself, such as leaves and twigs with olive fruits.

As for the color palette, the basic color of the visual composition is identical to what results when the olive fruits are being cold pressed in the olive mill and stands out ideally on the black background.




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