Health & beauty based on simple maths




We created a totally natural moisturizing base cream. Depending on the essential oil and the amount of it that is added to the cream, a different beneficial effect on the skin occurs. Simply put, the beauty and health of the skin results from a simple act of addition.



Due to the ability of the cream to adapt to the different needs of the skin, as well as the many and different beneficial effects it offers, it was named Chameleon.

The cream will be displayed on a special promo stand together with a wide variety of essential oils which can be added to it, depending on the need of the skin for e.g. hydration, 24-Hour protection, anti-wrinkle action etc.

We wanted to communicate clearly on the packaging that this is a base cream to which different essential oils can be added, hence we depicted the process of the addition of an essential oil -which is symbolized by a drop- to the Chameleon Base Cream which is symbolized by the initial letter “C” respectively.

In terms of color, we chose two main colors that represent skin color and water, which is core a structural element of the skin and contributes largely to the hydration and overall skin health.

At the typographic level, we opted for a modern font in plain black color which stands out on the background, so that product information can be easily read.





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