A healthy instant breakfast with a packaging design that calls you out loud to enjoy it.



Our new product “MY BREAKFAST” belongs to the “HEALTHY & TASTY” series. Like all products in the series, it is available exclusively in pharmacies. It is a healthy, instant breakfast rich in protein and fiber, with a wonderful vanilla flavour. We need a packaging design in the same logic as the rest of the series that makes the product stand out from the other product codes of pharmacies.



“MY BREAKFAST” offers some benefits that are worth to be communicated “aloud”.

Based on this reasoning, we took advantage of the rooster, the ultimate symbol of waking up in the morning and starting the day, and gave it a megaphone, with which it proclaims the benefits of MY BREAKFAST, inviting everyone to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

We designed the rooster in a stylized form, with the blue colour dominating its body, as a reference to the blue sky of a beautiful morning.

Inside the body of the rooster there are graphic references to oat flakes and fiber.

For the background of the package we chose a beige colour that is close to that of the ready-to-eat product and which enhances the leading role of the rooster in the artistic composition.

The white lines that come dynamically behind the rooster symbolize the light of day and give the packaging the dynamics that match an instant breakfast offering the energy needed to start each day.




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