Bringing joy to a strict environment




Our cookies are high in protein. They are a snack of high nutritional value intended for sale in pharmacies, targeted mainly to children and available in 6 wonderful flavours. It is important to communicate the fact that these are snacks, hence the packaging needs to stand out from dietary supplements, cosmetics and drugs that dominate the sales channel. Each box contains cookies with two different flavours.



Due to the fact that the cookies are rich in protein, we thought of the name “BISCOTEINS”, which results from the combination of the words “Biscuit” + “Proteins”.

Considering that the product is a snack intended for sale in pharmacies dominated by drugs, dietary supplements and cosmetics, we have adopted a happier and more playful tone of voice in the design which strengthens the different nature of the product and, at the same time, puts emphasis in the actual flavours and main ingredients.

For each of the cookie flavors we created mini-stories that are very appealing to children, in which the protagonists engage in a game with the main ingredients and also adopted a style of illustration that fits into an illustrated children’s book. The color palette consists of cheerful pastel colors and along with the logo that looks like it is handwritten in children’s letters enhance the snacky nature of the product, making it unique in every pharmacy.




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