A tale of passion and seduction unfolds between two worlds 



Our wine has a taste of intense pomegranate notes, a mild aftertaste and is full of rich red fruit aromas. It accompanies plates of various cheeses, fruits and sausages, as well as dishes with mild sweet & sour, white or red sauces. It is very sedusing and after the first sip one keeps asking for more and more…



Having tasted the wine, we found out that it is somehow seducing in a sense that it creates a strong desire for another glass, due to its very pleasant taste.

The concept of seduction seemed very interesting and well suited to the product. Since the wine comes from pomegranates, we thought of taking advantage of the ancient Greek myth of the seduction of Persephone by Hades with pomegranate seeds.

We named the product “2 KOSMOI” (GR for “Two Worlds”) because Persephone had to live six months on the earth and six months in the underworld in the kingdom of Hades and created a custom logo with bold letters that emphasizes the name of the product and helps to decode the main concept.

The centerpiece depicts the myth in a more contemporary manner with the use of simple and clear lines. The two protagonists appear united and separated at the same time by a thin line symbolically having two pomegranates at its edges. This line also serves as the delicate boundary between the earth and the underworld.

In terms of colors, we played with the contrast of black and white  to highlight the illustration and emphasized some elements such as the two pomegranates,  Persephone’s lips and Hades’ bident with the corresponding color.




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