A tale of passion and seduction unfolds between two worlds 



Our wine tastes with intense pomegranate notes, has a mild aftertaste and is full of rich red fruit aromas. It accompanies dishes with various cheeses, fruits and sausages, as well as dishes with mildly sweet & sour red sauces. After the first glass, everyone craves a second and a third… 



Having tasted the wine, we have found it to be somewhat addictive, in the sense that it creates a strong desire for another glass that is hard to resist.

Thus, the concept of seduction seemed very interesting and suitable for the product. Given that the wine comes from pomegranates, we thought of making good use of the ancient Greek myth of Persephone’s seduction from Hades with pomegranate seeds.

We named the product “2 KOSMOI” (GR for “Two Worlds”) since according to the myth Persephone had to live six months on earth and six months in the underworld in the kingdom of Hades. We also created a custom logotype in bold lettering which in synergy with the main visual helps to decode the concept.

The main visual with its minimalistic linear illustration serves as concise depiction of the myth, reinforcing the overall narrative. The two protagonists appear united and at the same time separated by a thin line that symbolically has two pomegranates at its ends. This line also serves as a delicate boundary between the earth and the underworld.

To surround the concept with the appropriate atmosphere, we opted for a black bottle which simultaneously creates a strong contrast with the main visual, giving the product extra stopping power on the shelf.




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